The Annetta Weatherhead Fund for Reiche School (the “Fund”) has been established by Catherine and Todd Alexander. The goal for the Fund is to provide flexible and easily-accessible financial resource to improve the lives of Reiche students and enhance their educational opportunities. The Fund is named for Annetta Weatherhead who epitomizes the underlying spirit and intent of the Fund; a daily ‘all-in’, ‘whatever-it-takes’ approach to support the school and student success. The Fund’s resources shall be used for the following two purposes in order of priority:

  1. Scholarships to pay for or offset the cost of attendance to the Maine School of Science and Mathematics Summer Camp.
    1. First Priority will be given to 5th grade girls who participate on the Reiche Math Team.  Depending on participation and need, scholarships may be offered to 5th grade boys.  
    2. The amount of funds allocated will be determined by school-based staff working with families to determine interest and need. 
    3. FPPS will administer funds directly to MSSM in response to a communication from Reiche School staff that explains process and outcomes. 
  2. General Fund for Reiche School:
    1. Discretionary funding for use by teachers and leaders for school-based needs that focus on student education, health, and well-being. 
    2. To the extent possible, grants from the Fund shall be prioritized for educational programs and activities which i) benefits students of greatest need – for example, students with developmental, learning and physical disabilities, ESL students, or students from refugee households – and ii) do not have other readily available funding resources.  
    3. Decisions about use and allocation of funds will be made by a team of school-based Fund advisors to include, Reiche School Teacher Leaders, Annetta Weatherhead, PTO Leaders, and any others deemed appropriate by Reiche School Teacher Leaders. 
    4. Funding will be administered to Reiche School from FPPS as requested and will require a brief (one to two sentence) explanation of planned use.