FPPS Mission, Vision & Goals

Foundation for Portland Education’s mission is to raise philanthropic support to enhance educational opportunities for present and future students in Portland’s public schools.

FPPS’ vision is to strengthen schools through community investment.

FPPS’ Goals are Educational Enrichment, Classroom Innovation & Community Engagement.

About FPPS

The foundation for Portland Public Schools is an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization aligned with Portland Public School system in order to raise philanthropic support in response to District needs.

FPPS Board and staff work closely with Portland Public Schools in order to identify opportunities for investment that will yield enhanced learning opportunities, and outcomes, for students.

Years of tough budgets, declining revenues, and significant pressure to “do more with less” requires Portland Public Schools, and our community, to approach revenues broadly. Private investment in public education is nothing new. FPPS believes now is the time to work collaboratively to invest in Portland’s schools.