Foundation for Portland Public Schools Scholarships

FPPS works with Casco Bay High School, Deering High School, Portland High School, Portland Arts & Technology High School (PATHS), and Portland Adult Education to support postsecondary education for our graduates.

Sustain an Existing Scholarship

For as little as $50 you can build upon an existing scholarship. Support the resilient student who overcame obstacles, the high school athlete, or someone interested in healthcare. Please see the full list of scholarships at each of our high schools below.

Create a New Scholarship

You can set up a scholarship in the name of a business, individual, or in memory of a loved one. We’ll help you set up the criteria, publicize the opportunity, and disburse funds to colleges. Our partners at each high school manage the selection process and will communicate with you about each scholarship recipient. 

For more information, please contact Margo Mallar at or (207) 842-4668

List of Current Scholarships

Advancing the Arts ScholarshipCasco Bay, Deering, PATHS, and Portland High Schools

This scholarship was launched to honor Kirby Pilcher and his wife, Lissa Hunter, a renowned artist. Intended to encourage and support students in meaningful engagements with the visual arts, music and theater, the award has been expanded to include all four Portland city high schools.


  • At least a B average through the first 3 years of high school.
  • Participated in a music or arts program or exhibited an interest/ commitment to the creative arts. 
  • Applied for and been accepted at a post-secondary institution that offers degrees in music, theater, or the arts. 

Award Information: $1500 each year for one graduate from CBHS, DHS, PATHS and PHS

Barbara Anderson ScholarshipPortland High School

Barbara Anderson was a teacher and principal at Portland High School for many years and was known for her kindness and dedication to students. In her retirement, she continues to be a voracious reader who loves to debate politics, economics or social issues. This scholarship was set up in her honor and to support the students of the school that she loved. 


  • First generation to attend college
  • Strong academic performance
  • Financial need 

Award Information: $12,500 each year for two or more PHS graduate

Cumberland County FCU Loomis Scholarship – Casco Bay, Deering, and Portland High Schools

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union started in 1954 as a teachers’ credit union. They celebrated their 70th year by expanding their scholarships to include one senior from each of Portland’s three high schools who plans to enter the field of education. 


  • Students who plan to become educators

 Award Information: $1,000 to one graduate of CBHS, DHS, and PHS each spring

David Burke Scholarship for Creative, Out of the Box ThinkingCasco Bay High School

The David Burke Scholarship for Creative, Out of the Box Thinking will be awarded annually to the Casco Bay High School senior who best exhibits Mr. Burke’s famed creative, “out of the box” thinking. The scholarship was launched by the CBHS faculty in response to the 2023 retirement of founding CBHS faculty member, David Burke.  

Award Information: $501.99 each year to one graduate of CBHS

Gaye Lapomarda Cluster V Scholarship Portland High School

Gaye was a Portland High Special Educator who appreciated the value of recognizing students with disabilities for their effort in persevering and achieving their goals. Each year, members of Portland High’s Cluster V select some of their graduating seniors to recognize with small cash awards. 


  • Criteria: Graduating seniors who qualify for special education services and have demonstrated perseverance and resilience in overcoming obstacles to earn their diplomas.

Award Information: Amounts vary, depending on number of awards.

Janine Lauze Healthcare Professions ScholarshipCasco Bay, Deering, and Portland High Schools

Janine Lauze’s thirty-five-year career as a registered nurse was a passion and proved to fit her personality perfectly. She brought compassion and her gentle nature to comfort patients in their most vulnerable moments. Before her passing, she decided she wanted to provide scholarship opportunities to future nurses or healthcare professionals graduating from Portland Public Schools.


  • Graduates pursuing a degree in nursing or the medical professions
  • Graduates who have financial need and strong academic performance.
  • Graduates who may have demonstrated skills and traits important to success in the medical professions, like empathy, selflessness, community service, and caring

Award Information: $1,500 to one CBHS, DHS, and PHS graduate

Keeley Folan Memorial Scholarship – Deering High School

This scholarship was created in honor of Keeley Folan, DHS Class of 2005.


  • A female student who was very involved in extracurricular activities during their time in high school, particularly sports
  • Interested in becoming a lawyer

Award Information: $5,000 for a DHS graduate to help pay for college

Louise Haddock Scholarship Casco Bay, Deering, and Portland High Schools

Greater Portland Health created this scholarship in honor of Louise Haddock, who worked as a registered nurse for over 40 years. She is particularly passionate about nursing and nursing education, not only because she loved being a nurse but also because she grew up in poverty, and access to nursing education allowed her to move forward in life. Louise spent the final eight years of her nursing career at Greater Portland Health, where she cared for patients and continued to train new nurses. Louise was always kind, was open to others’ ideas, and was committed to helping those less fortunate in our community.


  • Graduating senior who is planning to pursue a career in the field of nursing. 
  • Someone who embodies the traits that Louise brought to the profession and is committed to helping others.

Award Information: $500 award to a PHS, CBHS, and DHS student 

Make It Happen! Scholarship Deering High School

This scholarship was established by volunteers in the Make It Happen! Program, a college readiness program designed for multilingual and ELL (English Language Learner) students. 


  • Strong academic performance
  • Participation in the Make It Happen! Program during high school
  • Financial need

Award Information: Four-year scholarship of $5,000 each year

Peter Gribbin ScholarshipPortland High School

This scholarship was established by a group of Peter Gribbin’s friends, family members, and former students to honor Peter’s strong ties and deep commitment to Portland High School. A 1957 PHS graduate, Peter was a history teacher and coach at PHS for 35 years and continues as a volunteer, sports announcer, and champion of the PHS Bulldogs! He literally wrote the book on PHS. 

Criteria: Students who embody the qualities or interests of Peter Gribbin (not necessarily all)

  • Plays sports…but not necessarily a superstar
  • Volunteers or does community service
  • Interested in studying to become a teacher, writer, or broadcaster
  • Financial need
  • Sense of humor
  • Outstanding character

Award Information: Two $1,500 scholarships each year to PHS graduates

Philip Thompson, Jr. ScholarshipsPortland High School

Philip Thompson, Jr. set up these scholarships in his will as a bequest to benefit graduates of Portland High School. 


  • Portland High School Brown Medal recipients
  • Students who show achievement in poetry composition

Award Information: $1,000 for each of two Brown Medal recipients and $1,000 for each of two PHS graduates who are excellent in poetry composition

Scott Pierce Leadership AwardCasco Bay High School

This scholarship was launched by the friends and family of Scott Pierce, who passed away in 2022. Scott was a revered leader, family man, and friend who was the father of CBHS Principal Derek Pierce.


  • Leading with kindness, humor, and integrity

Award Information: $5,000 each year to one graduate of CBHS

Shupe Joyful Living Scholarship Portland High School

MaryAnn and Paul Shupe have two sons who benefited from the diversity and opportunities of Portland High School. Their experiences were different,  but they were both non-traditional students who found staff and opportunities that led them down paths for success. The Shupes wanted to support other students who may not have typical experiences. 


  • A non-traditional student who might be otherwise overlooked
  • Money to be used for further education or training

Award Information: $1,000 each year for a PHS graduate

Trice Scholarship – Deering High School

The Trice Scholarship was established by Sally Trice and family to support students who dropped out or nearly dropped out of high school but were wise enough to realize that they needed to graduate to even have a chance in today’s world. 


  • Student who dropped out and returned or were close to dropping out but then graduated

Award Information: $200 or more for one boy and one girl graduating from DHS each year

Xavier Botana Scholarship Casco Bay, Deering, and Portland High Schools

This scholarship was formed to honor the legacy of former Superintendent Xavier Botana’s equity work and focus on the Portland Promise. Scholarship recipients will be students in the Make It Happen! Program, a college readiness program designed for multilingual and ELL (English Language Learner) students. 

Award Information:  To be determined in spring 2024