Download our SPRING 2018 Newsletter

Hello Portland Public School Education Team,

The member organizations of Culture Club-Portland hope you have been having a splendid school year! It has been wonderful to get to work with many of you and your students this year. We are writing with exciting information about next year’s programming.

As a reminder, Culture Club-Portland, established in 2012, is a consortium of local arts organizations created to support cultural experiences for students in public schools. The consortium, brought together by a generous anonymous donor, includes the Portland Museum of Art, Portland Ovations, Portland Stage, and Portland Symphony Orchestra. Culture Club-Portland has the aspirational goal of providing a free arts experience in all four member organizations for every child in Portland Public Schools, every year. Portland Education Foundation serves as the scal agent for Culture Club-Portland and as the liaison to Portland Public Schools. Culture Club-Portland programs are generously supported through the philanthropy of an anonymous benefactor, The Old Bug Light Foundation, and the Ernie Ayer Education Foundation.

As always, please be in touch. We are grateful to be a part of your school community.