Meet the Foundation’s summer intern, Jo Ellis!

Jo is a rising junior at Casco Bay High School and her past few years there have helped her realize her interest in public education. She is currently a student member on the Portland School Board and she says it has been an extremely valuable experience for her. Jo hopes to pursue this passion and go on to work in education when she’s older. When not in school, you can find Jo making lattes at Arabica Coffee Company, going for long hikes, writing poetry with the Telling Room, and listening to Taylor Swift. 

This summer, most of what Jo is doing with FPPS is helping us out with our newly launched alumni network, Portland Public Schools Alumni & Friends. She is working on all sorts of things to help get the network up and running, such as planning out newsletters, reaching out to alumni, and sorting through LOTS of spreadsheets! 

One of the biggest parts of her work is gathering alumni stories to share with the network. This involves interviewing alumni and asking them about their experiences with PPS and what life has looked like for them since high school. If you know of any alumni to profile or have a great story from PHS, DHS, PATHS, or CBHS history, contact us at and Jo follow up with you, or you can submit a story online here.